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UNC Presents

By Kate Soper
Performed by the Wet Ink Ensemble
Thursday, March 7, 2019
Performance at 7pm; Talk-back with Kate Soper at 8:15pm
UNC Campus Commons: Multi-Purpose Room

Ipsa dixit /Ip-suh dik-sit/: noun (Latin). Literally "he, himself, said it."
An uproven yet dogmatic statement which the speaker expects the listener to accept as valid without proof beyond the speaker's assumed expertise.
Ipsa dixit: "she, herself, said it . . ."

IPSA DIXIT is an evening-length work of chamber music theatre that explores the tantalizingly convoluted intersections of music, language, and meaning through a deep interweaving of music and text, complex instrumental textures, contemporary vocal techniques, and blistering ensemble virtuosity. Scored for voice, flute, violin, and percussion, and developed over several years of intense collaboration with the members of Wet Ink IPSA DIXIT  blends elements of monodrama, Greek theatre, and screwball comedy in its examination of the treachery of language and the questionable authenticity of musical expression. 

Ian Antonio (percussion), Kate Soper (voice, composer), Josh Modney (violin), Erin Lesser (flute)



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